While we can make some pretty large prints on shirts, we are limited by the capabilities of our machinery.  We've created this graphic below to show you the maximum print sizes and how big they would look in relation to a standard adult medium t-shirt.

There may be some sizing limitations based on the specific products that you end up selecting, so you will need to confirm with your sales representative if you want a large print.

Here are a few examples of potential limitations caused by different products:

  • Seams/fabric accents - Most t-shirts offer large print areas on the front and back, but some have unique stitching and seam patterns.  We are unable to print across seams, so shirt prints could be limited by unique seam placements.
  • Size Variety - As you can see in the bottom corner of the graphic, smaller youth and ladies shirts can impose some size limitation.  If your order has a large variety of youth, ladies and adult/unisex sizes, we will need to adjust the artwork accordingly.