Screen print pricing is based off the total number of prints and the number of colours in your print. The number of separate prints will also greatly affect your pricing.  Here's a bit more information about how each of these factors can impact the price of your order.

Print Quantity

It takes the same amount of set-up time, materials, and labour for us to setup a print for a run of 10 shirts or 1000 shirts, so we offer good discounts for people who get more items printed with the same design.

These print quantity discounts can also be applied across multiple items getting the same print.  As an example, 20 hoodies and 20 t-shirts with the same print would qualify for our 40+ pricing tier.  This is a great way to maximize our discounts and get a variety of items in your order.  Please note that the logo must be the same size, colour, and location across all of the items to qualify.

Print Colours

Setting up a 2-colour print takes 2x as long as a 1-colour print, so adding colours to your prints will increase the overall cost.  To help keep costs down, limit the number of colours in your design and incorporate the colour of the shirt as a part of your design to "do more with less".

Print Locations

Adding prints in additional locations (like on the back, sleeves, etc.) requires a separate set-up and print run.  If you are looking to decrease the overall costs of your shirts, try to minimize the number of locations on your items by combining prints.