Embroidery pricing is based off the total number of items and the number of stitches (or overall size) in your design.

Item Quantity

It takes a certain amount of set-up time to prep an order for embroidery, regardless of the quantity, so we offer good discounts for people who get more items embroidered with the same design.

Embroidery Size

Unlike screen printing, embroidery pricing is not based on the number of colours in the logo, but is based off the number of stitches it takes to make the logo.  Generally, the larger the logo is, the more stitches are in it, but there are some exceptions to this as a solid circle or square with a lot of detail will have more stitches than a text box with a similar amount of detail.  This can be confusing so we have simplified our embroidery pricing to 4 main size categories.

Small (S) - Standard hat or left chest logos up to 4.0" wide or tall
Medium (M) - Larger chest or bag logos up to 6.0" wide or tall
Large (L) - Full chest logos up to 11.0" wide and up to 6.0" tall
XLarge (XL) - Full chest logos up to 11.0" wide and 11.0" tall