What will an online store cost my school, group, or organization?

While our online store platform has costs associated (including our time and labour for operating it), we make our online stores are completely free to you, provided that you agree to and meet the requirements that are listed below.

  • Limited numbers of products - We find that online stores are most effective with 2-8 products.  Too many products in a store and people find the decisions overwhelming, which usually leads to our least popular online stores.  Each product can have multiple colour options with the same print!
  • Limited numbers of designs - Do to the amount of effort required and our standard print minimums, we try to limit online stores to a couple of designs to help ensure that we hit print minimums for every design.
  • 40 or more expected orders - Online stores do create additional work on our end so, in order to keep the service free, we reserve them for groups of at least 40 people who would be placing orders.  Online stores are not ideal for individual teams or small groups, they are best for schools, grad wear, sports organizations, companies, and events.

What do I need to do for the online store?

We take all of the stress of order collection and payments off your plate so you just have two jobs:

  • Promotion - Get the word out in your group!  Social media, e-mail announcements, and word-of-mouth are key to a successful online store.
  • Distribution - Your online store will arrive to you with all of the orders fully packaged and labelled.  Your only job will be to set-up a pick-up or delivery time and make sure that the orders make it to each of the people!  We can even collect extra information during checkout (team, coach, classroom number, etc.) to help you with organizing the distribution.